Wallet Bureau

Learn investment strategies from seasoned and successful VCs & Angel Investors

Join us at the Wallet Bureau, a curated networking experience to discuss and learn investment strategies from seasoned VC & Angel Investors. This event is for HNIs who are active/aspiring investors, as well as entrepreneurs looking to understand what investors are looking for.

You will be sitting on round tables with these experts, and having open conversations on what you each look for in founders and their teams, your approach to mentoring, exit strategies, and everything that comes up in the conversation.

The experience will cover 3 types of investments:
  • Startup Investment
  • VC/Angel Networks
  • Private equity/shares

3 tables, one for each topic, with 1 or 2 experts on it: VC/Angel Investors. By the end you will learn a few invaluable lessons in determining what options are most suitable for you, how to evaluate them, start investing, and outline your exit strategy.